Tree Of Life Orgonite Necklace Energy Crystal Healing Reiki Chakra Yoga Meditation Orgone Pendant


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Pendant Width: Approx 35mm

Rope Length:27inches
Material: Natural Aventurine, Tiger eye stone, Resin


~ Protection against EMF electromagnetic fields (computers, mobile phones,TVs)           
~ Supports the immune system and strengthens the energy field
~ Restoration of the energy of the organism
~ Harmonisation of housing
~ Boosts plant growth and helps keep food fresher for longer
~ Allows for a more soulful and deeper sleep, thereby needing less time for sleep
~ Reassurance of emotions and help in overcoming depression, grief and anxiety
~ Protection from negative energies of other people and a positive impact on animals 
~ Use for astral travel and past life regression
~ Water energy
~ Harmonisation of energy balance and cleaning of the atmosphere
~ Protection from negative effects of astral life (non-physical planes)
~ Continuous operation without interruptions no feed form is required
~ Strengthening mental and spiritual abilities