Petite Peanut - Tiger Palm Leaves kids Headwear 6-12 years


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The Tiger turban is a cool turban with a smart piping design and a vibrant and beautiful summer tropical print. It can be styled with a slightly baggy fit or, if given a turn-up, a tight fit. This one is a fine every-day turban for the children as it has a comfortable and tight fitting around the head, so the child can play and move around freely.

The small layers on this turban can easily be used for attaching pretty and girly hair clips.

Size fits 6-12 years.

- Smart turban with piping design
- Cool baggy fit or tight fit turban
- Suitable for every-day activities
- Uni-sex model
- Available in smart colours and prints
- Uni-Sex model

47,5% Cotton, 47,5% Viscose, 5% Spandex

style - 7249