Yoga Turban Prints - Endless Shapes of Blue


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With a Yoga model, you get a turban that is easy to style and fit and is a perfect Grab & Go-model. The Yoga turban is simple and feminine with fine stitching across the turban, which gives a natural fullness and a smart look and is an absolute bestseller model. The Yoga turban is ideal for everyday use and for sports as the unique construction means that the turban stays on regardless activity and weather conditions. This Yoga is made from the luxurious Caretech® bamboo-viscose material, which feels incredibly soft and almost silky to the touch. Besides being a comfortable and stretchy fabric, bamboo is known for its breathability and thermo-regulating properties which makes it perfect for headwear use. The Endless Shapes of Blue-print is a beautiful mix of navy and cognac-coloured ornaments shapes in a stunning graphic pattern. The combination of the blue colour with the warm brown shades creates an authentic look that is both classic and sophisticated.

95% Viscose (Bamboo), 5% Spandex
Style - 8059