Yanna Camel Stampa Zebra


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Yanna Camel Stampa Zebra

  • 95% Breathable Bamboo Fabric, 5% Spandex
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Temperature regulating, keeps warm in cool weather and cool in hot weather
  • One size fits all: 54-57cm/21.25-22.5 inches.
  • Hidden elastic strip at the back allows for size flexibility and a secure fit
  • No seams inside – Gentle on the scalp
  • Double layered
  • Doesn’t put pressure on the ears

Detailed Description


Yanna Camel Stampa Zebra by Masumi Headwear is a striking chemo headscarf. It features a camel bamboo cap with an alluring zebra printed scarf. In turn, these two elements create a charming look. Naturally, the scarf’s length allows styling in a range of ways. Thus, it offers you the opportunity to add your twist. Furthermore, the camel, black and white tones give it a sultry edge.

This unique style is for ladies living with hair loss. Bamboo fabric offers many benefits. For example, it features antiperspirant and absorbent properties. As a result, it is perfect for sensitive scalps. Heightened sensitivity is common with alopecia and chemo.

Yanna Camel Stampa Zebra offers a sophisticated look. Also, it seamlessly complements other items of clothes.