Christine Soft Lift Hat - Light Tan


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The Soft Lift Hat is a revolutionary headwear piece, which will provide the perfect fit and lift under your wigs and headwear.

A small hat that will make a big difference to the look and feel of your head coverings, as it gently lifts and adds a fine, natural volume to the back of the head. The soft, breathable and light 37.5® fabric material will ensure you stay comfortable as it helps the covered area maintain an optimal 37.5-degree temperature - regardless of how you choose to cover it.

To make this clever little lift a light mesh pad has been inserted under a soft top layer. This will add a beautiful rounded shape to the back of your head whilst leaving you comfortable still, feeling nothing but carefully and gently protected.

The results are nothing but fantastic and you’ll find your headwear and wigs will get a brand new, fine and elegant look to it.

69% Wool | 31% Polyester

  • A smart headwear piece that will add volume under your headwear and wigs
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Comfortable silicone strip for better fitting
  • Helps maintain a core temperature of 37.5-degrees on the covered area
  • Style - 7215